i look like a big loser bc i just got back my twitter and instagram

so plz babies plz follow me and if youre from the tag ill follow you back

IG: czch

twitter: dairydust


this mf’er be over here lookin like an std


found the one

how do i join

cardiac arrest from talkin to somebody amazing though can i get a ambulanc

At this point I am begging for the most expensive piece of the Secret Lab Map


I have a little under 100k to give, 3 cursed elixir, 3 Halloween Tonu MP, 1 zombie FlotsamMP, a Harris, a zombie Noil (worth 300k), one 10 dubloon coin, one five dubloon coin, 2 two dubloon coin, 4 one dubloon coin, one lemon swirly negg. And honestly anything else I have to offer.

I am begging for this last piece. PLEASE! I will forever have your name on my tumblr and my neopets profile.

is that the one with the little mountain on it?

i uploaded a picture on fb specifically for this guy i like to see and he didnt like it but i know hes online bc hes liking other peoples stuff


please refrain from making draik swap only boards. you have reached the ultimate level of “douche bro toke all day lets surf”

dont touch me